Content Management

Content ManagementHow content is delivered is directly related to how engaging the conference is for your attendees. With so many delivery options available (ie: Ignite sessions, Fishbowl formats, Showcases, TED style, and many more), attendees now expect more than talking heads in front of the room in breakout sessions and workshops.

Program Planning

Designing Events can assist in developing and building your content management process. Whether you have a volunteer committee or internal staff, we can guide them in building content internally, or utilizing a Call for Papers approach to invite industry professionals to speak at your meeting. We’ll guide your speakers to incorporate various session formats successfully and implement creative educational opportunities. We’ll also handle all of the logistical details related to presenters – from obtaining release forms, bio’s, and presentations, to ensuring they are registered, aware of the necessary details, and ready for their sessions to be successful.

Content Delivery

How attendees receive and absorb content is related to how the content is delivered. Designing Events can work with your presenters to guide them in delivering content to maximize the audience experience. We’ll suggest and incorporate creative room sets and session types that encourage interaction and engagement throughout the sessions.


What do you want attendees to feel when they walk into your general session room? Do you want to portray professionalism? Energy? Success? Much of this has to do with pre-planned production. What music is playing? How are the lights set? What is showing on the screen? How is the room set?

And once the sessions begin – how can you ensure that the everyone on the main stage - industry leaders, your executive team, board members – will be the excellent presenters you need them to be? It all comes down to planning and production. We’ll make everyone on your main stage shine, and we’ll ensure that your attendees walk away impressed.

Sponsorship Management

Designing Events understands how important sponsorship revenue is to your conference. With the myriad of details already on your plate, let us handle those details related to your key contributors. Your exhibit area should have an innovative and energetic atmosphere that attendees and exhibitors look forward to being a part of. By bringing content to the exhibit floor, through the use of technology and by incorporating a theme, this area can turn into a social hub that encourages networking and keeps a continuous flow of traffic. We will work with you to: develop sponsorship packages to appeal to your vendors; ensure that all details are covered so your sponsors and exhibitors have what they need to prepare for the show; handle all onsite sponsor and exhibitor benefits (signage, function sponsorships, vendor area, etc.) consistent with their sponsor or exhibitor level; assist in the design, selection process, and onsite supervision of the exhibit area; and handle the communications throughout the rest of the process.
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