Investigator Meeting Management

Investigator Meeting Management Designing Events handles a myriad of investigator meeting management services so you can focus on other critical elements of the clinical trial.

Investigator Pre-meeting Services

  • Develop onsite budget
  • Create a comprehensive timeline
  • Venue selection
  • Negotiate and administer best contracts for venues, rooms, equipment, transportation, etc.
  • Source temporary/rental on-site equipment
  • Schedule ground transportation
  • Establish audio/video plan
  • Market to attendee list
  • Online, phone, and fax registration and data management
  • Plan hospitality needs
  • Organize all food and beverage for meals, breaks, and receptions
  • Recommend and organize social activities and off-site events
  • Fully-integrated investigator meeting travel services

On-site Investigator Meeting MANAGEMENT

  • On-site liaison with venue's conference services manager
  • Manage all on-site equipment and logistics
  • Receive and position shipped materials
  • Setup and staff registration/welcome desk
  • Setup and maintain meeting rooms and event areas
  • Complete food and beverage management for meals, breaks, receptions, etc.
  • Facilitate arrivals/departures
  • Monitor audio/visual equipment readiness
  • Oversee special events
  • Review billing daily
  • Manage social activities and off-site events
  • Coordinate return shipping

Post-meeting ServiceS

  • Coordinate return shipping
  • Comprehensive invoice reconciliation and evaluation
  • Conduct post-event feedback and evaluations
  • Provide investigator meeting attendee data file
  • Distribute thank you correspondence to attendees and participants.
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