Why Designing Events?


We’re trusted by our clients to simply make their meeting a huge success. When hired, we consider this our responsibility. Whether we work your team and resources when available, or whether Designing Events handles it all, we do what it takes to ensure your meeting or conference is a huge success. Our clients trust us—because we’ve made their conference a success… over and over again.


We’re excited after a successful meeting or conference to know that it went flawlessly, but we’re more excited as we think about how it can be even better the next time. Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve processes, experiences and outcomes. It may be great… but we know there’s always a way to make it even greater. Our insight into how meetings function, the attendee experience, and tools available allow us to continually improve meetings even when you think it just can’t get any better.


Our knowledge and experience spans the globe. Planning a US-based meeting is very different than planning a meeting in China, Budapest, Prague, or any other international location. We know this, and we thrive on it. With partnerships around the world, we’re ready for your meeting wherever it may be.


More than 15 years of experience allows our team to use the tried and true methods that work. Whether it’s building attendance, creating innovative content, helping sponsors succeed, or improving the way your meeting currently runs—we know what works. We stay current with the technologies and innovations in our field in order to bring these tools to our clients. Only through this experience can you feel confident that your meeting will go off seamlessly—meeting every goal and surpassing all expectations.